SexArt: SiteRip March 2014 1080p WEB-DL AAC AVC

SexArt: SiteRip March 2014 1080p WEB-DL AAC AVC

Sex Art is the latest addition from the kings of erotica who brought you Met Art
and The Life erotic. When it comes to erotic porn these guys are number one, and
with this site they are taking it to a new level with hardcore boy/girl and girl/girl
action, plus some nice solo scenes. The models are still super sexy and what you
would expect from a company like this. This site is a winner all the way, can’t
recommend it highly enough.

The Writer – Sex Therapy
Runtime: 45:46
Director: Alis Locanta
Cast: Alexis Brill & Luna & Whitney Conroy & Franck Franco
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Episode 4 of Alis Locanta’s ambitious series, “The Writer Sex Therapy,” continues to develop the
themes established in previous installments while also providing what fans of the series have
come to expect: the unexpected. While the relationship between series star Luna and her
neighbor, Whitney Conroy, is featured here and results in an explosive bout of powerfully
orgasmic cunnilingus a new character makes her first appearance in “The Writer Sex
Therapy.” Playing a young Hungarian nurse newly hired at a Barcelona hospital, beguilingly
beautiful Alexis Brill steps into the role of love interest for Franck Franco. As the narrative
shifts and slips from fantasy, to reality, to the fictional story Luna is writing, we look on as
this budding romance develops. The night of their first date Franco, assertive, aggressive
and seductive, charms Brill’s pants off, and then proceeds to vigorously and ravenously eat
her out until he and she are completely satisfied. At another juncture Brill gifts Franco
with an prolonged and passionate blowjob. And after several diversions and torrid tangents
Franco and Brill tear off a torrid piece on a dining room tabletop. Ending with a mysterious
and tantalizing twist, “The Writer Sex Therapy,” is potent, effective, and undeniably

eMemories 2
Runtime: 14:57
Director: Alis Locanta
Cast: Melena A

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Using a device both figuratively and literally he employed in the original “eMemories,” Sexart director
Alis Locanta uses smartphone video to set his story in motion. While the original told a story of lesbian
romance, “eMemories 2” is a solo performance. And what a performance it is! Melena A stars, and first
appears in candid footage shot by a lover on the streets of Barcelona. In a more intimate setting
perhaps in a restaurant, she exposes a breast, teasing and tempting the photographer. We quickly
learn that Melena is watching these movies of herself, and that she hungers for the touch of the
individual who shot them. He, or she, isn’t present, however, so Melena takes matters into her own
hands. So sudden and overwhelming is her desire that she doesn’t bother removing her yellow panties
before inserting a finger in her succulent slit. As she proceeds to pleasure herself those panties do
come off, and her autoerotic arousal steadily mounts. Transported by the pleasure provided by deft
hands and slick fingers Melena A is spontaneously and vocally expressive throughout, purring, moaning
quivering, and even yelping with sexual delight. Not long after she’s practically torn off her shirt, to
better grope and grasp at her delicate breasts, orgasm overtakes Melena like a runaway train. Skin slaps
against skin, muscles strain, and she arches off the sofa, writhing with physical and emotional release
“eMemories 2” is a film, and a performance, the viewer won’t soon forget!

I’m Here For Love
Runtime: 16:26
Director: Andrej Lupin
Cast: Silvie Deluxe & William Zeff

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Andrej Lupin’s “I’m Here for Love” takes it’s title from the bright and bubbly pop song that plays during the
title sequence. During that sequence Silvie Deluxe, in her bathrobe, boils water and makes tea to share
with her lover, William Zef. When some tea is accidentally spilled, Deluxe takes on the role of nurturer
and nurse, soothing Zef’s hand with a stream of cool water. The contact, the caring, this unexpectedly
intimate exchange, triggers spontaneous desire in the couple and they joyously ascend the stairs to the
bedroom. Here the mood of the film shifts. The glare of the kitchen is replaced by the muted glow of the
boudoir, the pop tones are traded for solo piano, and a casual chat over cups of tea becomes an
intimate and intensely romantic encounter. Kissing deep, passionate, and prolonged is lingered over
and indulged in at length as the lovers express their connection. There is much stroking, sucking, frigging
and fucking, but this isn’t acrobatic or exhibitionistic in the slightest degree “I’m Here for Love” is all
about two lovers, sharing love, making love, and completely submitting to their love. “I’m Here for Love” is
a perfect selection for lovers of romantic erotica

The Writer – Listen to me
Runtime: 50:31
Director: Alis Locanta
Cast: Amirah Abada & Luna & Whitney Conroy & Franck Franco

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Real life, fantasy, and fiction remain intriguingly and inextricably entwined in the fifth installment of Alis
Locanta’s erotic super-series, “The Writer Listen to Me.” Pulled in different directions by her personal
and professional lives, Luna invents a satisfying new story and proceeds to work out the details
Those details concern the fictionalized life of her actual boyfriend, played by Franck Franco, and his
involvement with a beautiful new addition to the series, Amira Abada. In this story-within-a-story
Franco has recently undergone a surgical procedure on his eyes. The operation was a success, but
he’s forced to wear a bandage for several days, effectively rendering him sightless. Ms. Abada, the
loving girlfriend, not only assists Franco in his daily routine, but uses his temporary handicap as a
way of enhancing their sex life together. This results in several prolonged and passionate encounters
and a variety of extremely orgasmic erotic activities. Luna, inspired by her evolving narrative
frequently breaks from the task of writing to leisurely pleasure herself. And her fling with neighbor
Whitney Conroy results in one of the hottest lesbian scenes “The Writer” has featured so far. Viewers
would be well advised to keep their eyes, ears, and minds wide open while experiencing “The Writer
Listen to Me.”

Shower Quickie
Runtime: 14:36
Director: Andrej Lupin
Cast: Lauren Crist

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Andrej Lupin has titled his latest film “Shower Quickie,” and that is an accurate and effective description
of this simple yet satisfying erotic short subject. You’ll find no complexity, no set-up or backstory, and
none is necessary. Lauren Crist enters a bathroom and proceeds to undress. Then the shapely
long-haired, beauty proceeds to take a shower. Crist’s performance only her second in a Sexart film
although she has appeared in seven Sexart still photo galleries is naturalistic and understated. She’s
just a beautiful woman enjoying the refreshing, sensuous pleasure of a warm shower. But as she lathers
and caresses her stunning physique her mood and her motivations subtly shift. Her fingers find their
way between her long legs and the act of bathing turns into an act of autoerotic pleasure. With one leg
elevated she begins to masturbate. As her state of arousal steadily increases she lowers herself to the
floor of the shower stall and ups the intensity. A drizzle of liquid soap provides lubrication and in short
order she works herself into an orgasmic lather. “Shower Quickie” is short, sweet, gorgeous, and

Runtime: 18:00
Director: Andrej Lupin
Cast: Linda Sweet & Kristof Cale
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“Liberation,” directed by Andrej Lupin, takes place in a smoky and atmospheric subterranean bo te. A
beautiful young woman, her face revealing a combination of hurt and disappointment, sits alone
with a glass of wine. We don’t know if she’s been stood up, let down, or had her heart broken, but
her sadness is palpable. The waiter, the only other occupant of the secluded space, senses her
pain and gently tries to draw her out of her melancholy mood. He pours another glass of wine. He
chats with her. He extends his hand in friendship. As the woman’s sorrow begins to dissipate, tiny
sparks of mutual attraction ignite and then she throws herself wholeheartedly and completely into
this unexpected, unplanned, and entirely spontaneous opportunity. The stars of the film Linda
Sweet and Kristof Cale have a relaxed, natural chemistry and their rapidly accelerating passion
is genuine and unforced, giving the action an extra layer of realism and intensity. Whether Sweet
knows it or not she’s ready for this encounter. And whether Cale is hungrily eating her pussy
fingering her, or fucking her, she is explosively responsive, and several of her climaxes result in
spontaneous fountains of liquid ecstasy. And, after Cale has pumped a load deep inside her, Sweet
is transformed, a new woman, glowing with vitality and satisfaction. Experience the freedom and
release only a new sexual experience can provide in “Liberation.”

The Writer – Free Spirit
Runtime: 47:04
Director: Alis Locanta
Cast: Cayenne Klein & Luna & Whitney Conroy & Franck Franco

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Episode 6 of Alis Locanta’s “The Writer” series is titled “Free Spirit.” While that term is an apt description
of virtually all the characters in the series thus far, here it refers to a new arrival, Cayenne Klein
Headliner Luna incorporates the slender, leggy, blonde who she describes as a “naughty angel”
in a new story she’s working on, and pairs her in the fictional narrative with one of her “real life” lovers
Franck Franco. While there’s been no shortage of lesbian love-play between Luna and her neighbor
Whitney Conroy, in previous installments of the series, their scene in “The Writer Free Spirit” is
particularly notable. It begins with Luna in a playful mood and with Whitney preoccupied and
standoffish, but once she gives in to the seduction the sex they share and the orgasms they treat
each other to are exceptionally intense, powerful, and passion-fueled. Cayenne Klein’s trysts with
Franco don’t lack in passion by any means, and Ms. Klein brings a lighthearted, almost giddy, joy to
their scenes together, frequently adding a spontaneous, kittenish smile or giggle to express her
pre-orgasmic pleasure. Viewers of the series may not be surprised by an unexpected plot development
at the end of “The Writer Free Spirit,” but it’s guaranteed to whet their appetites for whatever
enticing twists and torrid erotic turns the series takes in upcoming episodes

Runtime: 09:11
Director: Paul Black
Cast: Darla

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The Latvian director/editor team of Paul and Ilona Black share a singular vision. That vision, coupled
with their technical prowess, results in erotic cinematic art quite unlike anything else available
Their latest creation, the subtly and suggestively titled “MUSA,” is another impressive exercise
in psychologically rich, visually (and sonically) dazzling technique, and passionately performed
female autoeroticism. Dark haired Darla showers and prepares for bed. She peels a banana. And
then she enjoys it to say that she eats it isn’t entirely accurate. She rubs her breast with a
piece of the fruit until her nipple is stiff and throbbing. The banana breaks and a fragment falls
between her legs. Desire builds and inspiration strikes. She unwraps a condom and rolls it onto a
fresh banana. She inserts the phallic foodstuff in her beautiful pussy and begins pumping it in
and out while the fingers of her other hand feverishly work her clitoris. The pumping, sliding
friction, and fantasy combine into a single irresistible, inexorable force and orgasm impacts Darla
and the viewer with forceful intensity. There’s no question “MUSA” is out of the ordinary, but
viewers with a taste for the unusual will find that it’s a sweet treat, indeed

Message In A Bottle
Runtime: 22:07
Director: Andrej Lupin
Cast: Ariel Piper Fawn & Mima A & Thomas Lee

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The Metart Network’s multi-talented supermodel/actress/producer, Ariel Piper Fawn, wanders along
a picturesque stretch of black sand beach as Andrej Lupin’s latest film begins. An object at the
water’s edge catches her eye a bottle containing a handwritten note. She begins reading the
note, and her spoken narration weaves in and out of “Message in a Bottle” as the story unfolds
The message was written by Mima A, and in it she lovingly describes the deep, passionate
romance she shares with her lover, Thomas Lee. While time is spent with Mima as she writes her
letter, and with Ariel Piper Fawn, as she reads it, the bulk of the film is devoted to an extended
session of exceptionally passionate and sincere lovemaking featuring Mima A and Thomas Lee
The voice-over adds a fresh dimension and depth to a scene that is genuinely and enthusiastically
performed and artfully and sensitively captured by Lupin and his team of skilled cinematic artisans
The power of love, the bond of romance, and the limitless ecstasy of passionate sexual union all
await those who view “Message in a Bottle.”

The Writer – You Belong To Me
Runtime: 42:47
Director: Alis Locanta
Cast: Luna & Tess B & Whitney Conroy & Franck Franco

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A new character gets introduced in “The Writer You Belong to Me,” the seventh installment of Alis
Locanta’s epic erotic series. She’s a former lover of Luna’s, and when they’re reunited after a
years-long separation they pick up right where they left off. Tantalizing brunette Tess B plays the
role of Tess, and she and Luna are featured in two long, leisurely, and loving scenes of impassioned
and dramatically orgasmic Sapphic sexuality. Another character has been waiting in the wings, as
well, and that character is the green-eyed monster better known as jealousy. When Luna’s other
lesbian lover, Whitney Conroy, snoops around on Luna’s laptop she reads all about her affair with
newcomer Tess, and jealousy makes its entrance. As Luna’s rekindled romance with Tess blossoms
so does Whitney’s suspicion, envy, and possessiveness. Luna’s other lover, Franck Franco, plays a
supporting role here, but as the trailer at the end of the film suggests, he’ll soon be experiencing some
kinky entanglements of his own in a future episode. As it evolves and develops additional layers of
complexity “The Writer” series becomes more and more compelling, and as “The Writer You Belong to
Me,” demonstrates, there ample pleasures to enjoy now, and more thrills, chills, and sexual surprises
coming soon

Runtime: 12:12
Director: Andrej Lupin
Cast: Michaela Isizzu

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Breathtaking brunette Michaela Isizzu arrives home, alone, after a night on the town. She pauses
in the vestibule, checks a text message on her phone, and catches sight of her reflection in the
full length mirror on the back of the entry door. During the first half of Andrej Lupin’s edgy and
stylish “Mirror” the focus is predominately on Isizzu as she studies her face and figure and begins
what is ultimately a striptease act put on for the pleasure of the stripper, herself. After exposing
her exquisite breasts she unsnaps the crotch of her bodysuit, sits on a counter facing the mirror
spreads her long legs wide, and proceeds to vigorously stroke, pet, probe, and fondle her fevered
pussy. Alone with her fantasies, Michaela’s deft fingers tease her to increasingly intense levels of
erotic delight. Near the halfway mark Isizzu approaches the mirror, confronts it, as if daring the
inanimate object to take her further into pleasure. And then, with her image doubled by the glass
she slides down to the floor and masturbates with abandon until she’s transported by ecstasy
dizzy with desire, drained, and utterly sated. “Mirror” offers a window into beauty and sexual hunger
that is certain to satisfy the most discriminating viewer

Stay Sweet
Runtime: 18:38
Director: Don Caravaggio
Cast: Lorena B & Tracy A

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The two stars of Don Caravaggio’s “Stay Sweet” make a fine pair by virtue of their similarities as
well as their differences. Both performers share somewhat similar physiques small breasts, ripe
asses, long legs but where Lorena B has dark hair and a bronze complexion, Tracy Lindsey is a
blonde and cream-skinned. Adding a further bit of subtle contrast, Lorena brings a knowing
maturity to her role while Tracy retains an endearing hint of innocence. The film, which takes
place in a generously proportioned and luxuriously appointed bathroom and adjoining shower stall
unfolds at a relaxed pace and allows the chemistry between to two lovers work its magic without
rushing. The lighting is soft and warm, the camera moves gently and unobtrusively, and the
performers take their time while savoring each other with equal portions of love, tenderness, and
passion. Much time is spent simply kissing and caressing. And when the pair is ready for more
they move into the shower where they take turns pleasuring each other as water plays across
their beautiful bodies. Two extremely appealing stars and an artful balance of tenderness and
passion make “Stay Sweet” a tempting erotic treat

The Writer – Formar Palabras
Runtime: 42:50
Director: Alis Locanta
Cast: Luna & Sophie Lynx & Whitney Conroy & Franck Franco

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Even though his characters are well established, and even though the story line has been well
defined, Alis Locanta’s “The Writer” series continues to twist, turn, and surprise. In the eighth
installment, “The Writer Formar Palabras,” a new player, Sophie Lynx, makes her entrance. In
headliner Luna’s constantly evolving narrative, Lynx is paired with Luna’s lover, portrayed by
Franck Franco, and their relationship is anything but typical. Here the motivations are
overwhelming attraction as well as the hunger for new, unconventional experiences. In two
scenes that toy and experiment with notions of bondage, domination, and submission, the couple
suck, eat, and fuck each other with heightened abandoned. And, true to previous episodes in
the series, Luna’s own sex life amplifies and reflects the action unfolding in her fictional works in
progress. This finds her not only masturbating with feverish intensity but also engaging in
exceptionally powerful bouts of lesbian sex with her lover/neighbor, the ever-intriguing
ever-insatiable Whitney Conroy. Fans of the series as well as newcomers will find both satisfaction
and surprises aplenty in “The Writer Formar Palabras.”

RUNTiME: 50mn 30s
CODEC: AVC [email protected]
BiTRATE: 4 000 Kbps
RESOLUTiON: 1280×720
ASPEC RATiO: 1.778
BiTRATE: 128 Kbps
LANGUAGE(s): English


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